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Calling all past pupils.... It would be lovely to hear your comments about your memories and experiences as well as how you are getting on now. Add a message here to let us know.


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Ady Mann(about a year ago)

Many happy memories at Queniborough primary school.I was there in 1977 until 1982.Always brings a smile to my face when I drive by!.

Harvey McAllister(about a year ago)

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well! I previously attended this school about 6 months ago and I miss it a lot! Especially Miss Blythe and Miss Jones! I remember many funny times from Queniborough but unfortunately I can't list them all. But here are a few: In foundation stage me, Rehan and Mikey went behind a Bush and ate some sweets in secret (Sorry!) and another time were cooking fairy cakes with Mrs Frances (Who was actually Mrs Potts at the time) and we all forgot to put our secret ingredient in which was the baking soda which makes the cake actually rise! I can't believe we did that! Anyway, I hope you all have a great time and I will hopefully see you all soon! Yours sincerely, Harvey

Taylor boswell(a couple of years ago)

Miss this school loads

Sue Piggins nee Wadd(a couple of years ago)

Hello My parents still live in Queniborough and told me about the school's anniversary celebrations coming up in October. I attended Queniborough school in the early 1960s in the old building. I remember starting at the school after being at a school in Syston for a short time. I was given a reading test and was very disappointed to get the word 'island' wrong, not realising that the 's' was silent ! I remember frozen bottles of milk being thawed on the big heaters, having to go outside and across the playground to use the toilet and lots of lovely craft activities. We made things like a brush to sweep crumbs off the table and a black sandpaper cat to strike matches on . The teachers were Miss Foreman and I think the other teacher's name began with W. Both lovely ladies. I also had lessons in the old wooden building which was also the village library and used by the Guides. In later years in the new building on Coppice Lane my favourite teacher was Mr Hart. I remember making baskets and tea trays. Another strong memory is when the police came to visit the school. My love of reading started at school. I really enjoyed Enid Blyton books and The Silver Sword was a real favourite. After a few different careers I eventually started working in education. I was a Nursery Nurse at Billesdon Primary school for 20 years; the old part of that school being a similar age to Queniborough. I have now retired and live in Norfolk. I returned to Queniborough school a few years ago with my sister Lesley for a reunion. I'm sure everyone says this but it seemed smaller than I remembered . Best wishes

Joshua Smith(a couple of years ago)

Hi all, How time flies! It feels like it was only yesterday i was getting a 'Hardy hug' from Mrs Hardy. I had many good memories at school from: Church of England school awards to meeting the Queen. I now live in Northern Ireland and attend Limavady Grammar school. I sit my GCSE's in a matter of days and i think back and feel that it wasn't too long ago that i sat my Sats test! Hope all is well and I will pop in to say hello as soon as I am over! Yours sincerely, Joshua.

Gareth Booth(a few years ago)

I attended 'Queni' between 1990-1997 they were great times. Mrs. Hardy was the Year 1 teacher (or reception maybe)? and now she is the head! Fantastic news! Say hi to Jonathan for me, we were in the same class. I remember Mr. Howse in is Robin Reliant and the fact he was half deaf and had to shout all the time! Also Miss Clay, she was great. I haven't spoken to any of my old classmates in years which I really regret. I grew up on Glebe Road and my grandparents still live there I go back and visit as often as I can. I ended up going to university in Brighton, studying sociology. While living there I met my now wife Laura and in 2013 we moved to Thailand to work at a British school. Nowadays I spend most of my time sitting in the garden reading books in the Thai sun with my dog. It would be great to hear back from anyone, my email is; Gareth Booth- class of '97

Charlie hurst(a few years ago)

Best school I'll ever go to , hope everyone is ok ☺️

Charlie hurst(a few years ago)

Hi all might come and Pop in to see everyone

Holly(a few years ago)

I go to this school and I'm leaving soon I will miss lots of you that are still there and the ones who are not going to Wreake Valley xx

Ian Startin(a few years ago)

I have many happy memories of my time at Queniborough Primary School (1983-1988), particularly in the summer holidays when we used to climb on the school roof (sorry!) and play football each day in the playground. We were fortunate enough to be taught by three of the best teachers you could ever wish for (Mr Howse, Mrs "Froglegs" Frolick and Miss Town) all of whom made a real impact on my development at a young age. I now live in Watford with my wife and 5 year old twins working in London for a firm of accountants and still have contact with a couple of my old school friends. I wish the school all the best for the future.

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