What being a Church School means to us!


 Making friends from all over the world


Making new friends


We have links to other people




Being together




We all stick together


Care for people


We care for each other


Everyone cares for each other



Helping people when they’re stuck


We help each other


We help the poor and weak


We look after the community


We’re a little school with a big heart!


Big hearted!


Everyone here is special!


We raise money for charity


We are all equal


Everybody is different


We’re one big family


We care for each other as much as ourselves


We’re a happy school where we all work together


The teachers look after you


The teachers are considerate




We accept who they are


Helping other countries


We help other people in the world


We have a link to Ethiopia and France


Respecting others


We have friends in Belarus


We respect the children as they come!


We respect other religions and coloured skin


We will accept other peoples way of life


Everyone’s different


We respect that everyone is different


Celebrating religions


We have different religions


It means that we care for each other and everyone else in the world


Helping other people and praying for them


We pray for each other


We pray for everyone in our school


Praying for people in hospital


Praying and lighting a candle


Going to church


Loving God


We believe in God


Grateful that Jesus died for us


‘Like a candle high on a hill…’


Church services


Church Leavers Assembly


Always trust God


We believe that God made us


We respect God


We respect Jesus


We sing lots of hymns




We learn a lot of religious stories

We get to take Bibles home


We go to church and praise God


We have a cross in the hall

We say Grace to thank God


We say grace every day before lunch


We have a strong belief in God

We’re proud of praying to God


Worship to God


Going to church every term

God loving us!

Showing us the way in life


Doing your best


Trying your hardest


It’s fun.


We are all polite