At Queniborough Church of England Primary School, we aim to promote the children’s social development skills by early intervention, and by promoting appropriate and positive behaviour. The school expects every member of the school community to behave in a considerate way towards others. Expectations of behaviour may be adapted for some children.

At Queniborough, we praise good behaviour and excellent work as much as we can. We give positive rewards and public credit for achievements worthy of merit. Our Golden Book Assembly recognises children who have made valuable contributions in a variety of ways. Our Friendship Group initiative ensures children feel valued and secure.

Behaviour in School

The school rewards good behaviour, as it believes that this will develop an ethos of kindness and co-operation. Class teachers discuss the school rules with their own class. The behaviour ladder is displayed in each classroom. In addition to the school rules, each class may also have its own classroom code. In this way, every child in the school knows the standard of behaviour that we expect in our school.

Rewards and Consequences

We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways. For example:

• We praise and congratulate children verbally;

• We give children team points/ stickers

• The school acknowledges all the efforts and achievements of children, both in and out of school in a weekly Golden Book assembly and through ‘Stars of the Month’

Standards of behaviour are clearly laid down and understood.

Bullying, victimisation and physical violence of any kind are never tolerated.

Our full Behaviour and Anti –Bullying Policies are available on request.

If any child's behaviour or performance gives us cause for concern we would consult the parents, as soon as could be arranged, in order to discuss our worries and seek parental assistance, advice and co-operation in deciding how best to deal with the matter.

School Expectations

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Behaviour Ladder

The School has a Behaviour Ladder, which identifies an escalating level of consequences

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