School Improvement


Please find below a brief overview of our School Improvement Plan for 2019-20


School Improvement Priorities for 2019/20



What do we want to improve?


Pupil Outcomes:

Improving outcomes at the end of Reception. Maintaining outcomes at KS1 and KS2 (especially greater depth)

·        Standards in EYFS

·        Maintain Phonics Screening results at the end of Year 1

·        Science outcomes at the end of KS1 and KS2

·        Reading, Writing and Maths outcomes at the end of KS1 and KS2

·        Progress tracking of vulnerable and high achieving groups to ensure best possible progress

·        Increased proportions of pupils attain the higher standard in writing at the end of the Reception, Year 2 and Year 6


Teaching and Learning:

Improving the quality of Teaching and Learning

·        Quality of teaching in the core subjects

·        To fully embed Maths Mastery across the school ensuring that end of Key Stage outcomes are maintained

·        To further develop assessment and tracking systems.

·        To review policy and systems to ensure a whole school ethos & environment that supports the emotional and mental health of pupils, staff and the wider school community.



Leadership & Management:

Improving the quality (and, thus, the impact) of Leadership and Management



·        The impact of the Senior Leadership Team

·        There are accurate evaluations of the impact of subject leaders on the quality of teaching and learning 

·        A greater proportion of parents judge that senior leaders respond well to concerns they raise and agree that leaders provide helpful information about their children’s progress.

·        Engagement of Parents




To continue to review the Intent Implementation and Impact of our school’s curriculum

·        Curriculum leaders to have the skills to be able to action plan (SMART)

·        They will be able to report to a governor partner

·        The completed curriculum review identifies what pupils are expected to learn and remember in each subject 

·        Review PSHCE and SRE provision to ensure a comprehensive school approach

·        Children to be more resilient as learners and as individuals

·        Improve the children’s’ knowledge of the curriculum, gain their views and make any necessary changes

·        Children’s ability to retain key facts and knowledge

·        To develop pupils’ leadership skills beyond school to share practice with parents, local Christian communities and the network of Church schools.

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